What a Night!

rocky, his father frank play guitar and ron playing keyboards
Rocky Martinez belts out a tune while Father Frank looks on . . .

This last Saturday we played to an amazing crowd of appreciative folks at the Ore House Hilltop Tavern in Oracle Arizona. What we all forgot, perhaps, was that this was also rodeo weekend in Tucson. We saw a crowd unlike any other that evening and the folks who were able to show up early and grab a seat were very appreciative! It was a “human carwash” type of evening where if you had to go to the restroom, or get another drink . . . you had to move through a corridor filled with folks. Thankfully, they’re all friendly and having a great time.

We’re always thankful for the large outdoor patio that is available most of the year. Lucky for all of us, the amazing snow storm arrived early the next morning, so the temperature outside was actually very comfortable. There are portable heaters outdoors as well, so the owners made sure that a few of them were lit as folks would go outdoors to smoke a cigarette or simply to escape the growing crowd indoors.

view of the patio area on a rainy day at the ore house hilltop tavern
a rainy day outside on the patio

Hopefully by next month, when we play again on Saturday, March 25th from 6-8 at the Ore House, we will be graced with wonderful Spring type weather so we can setup outdoors and play. On a side note, if you do arrive a little late and only catch the end of our live sets, Rocky keeps the party going by acting as DJ and getting you folks out on the dance floor!