The Battle of the Harps at the Ore House Hilltop Tavern in Oracle Az. Hi-Def Video!

the members of the hold my beer band framed in an old window opening

Saturday, July 29, had us booked to perform at our monthly Ore House gig. We were looking forward to playing yet were a bit concerned about the possibility of rain showers between 6 & 8. We setup in an area that is covered yet still outdoors then opened the double doors into the tavern and began to setup. lt’s a little challenging to balance the sound well when you’re playing beneath a metal roof but Rocky did a fine job of our sound.

Zoomer waits his turn while Buzz lets it rip!

We had a really great crowd show up, even at the tail end of a two-week heat wave in Az. You can’t be a sissy and live in Az in the summer. Anyway, we enjoy playing some tunes at Sue & Jerry’s Trading post with Zoomer and Buzz, both harpists. Well what do you know? They both show up and have their harps in different keys, ready to pop-up on stage and do a few tunes.

How about an informal “Battle of the Harps” our lead guitar player Rocky asked? Let’s do it! What should we play? Let’s try the standard “Route 66”. I mean, we are in Arizona, aren’t we?

Our heart-felt thanks to Zoomer and Buzz for giving a very spirited performance. Also, a big hearty Thanks to our ever-growing fan base as well. Then a special Thanks to Penney from Oracle who happened to video the performance. WARNING: she sometimes swears when she is enjoying the music.

We perform the last Saturday of every month at the Ore House Hilltop Tavern in Oracle Az from 6-8 pm. Rocky will then keep the party going while playing DJ with his extensive collection of downloaded music.