The first known “Hold my beer” phrase usage

a huge hand holds a frosty pint of beer outside of the ore house hilltop tavern

Sometimes you just feel like taking a look around that whole world wide web thing-a-ma-jigger. Well, we’re a progressive band of 3 old farts and a youngster who pretty much knows that whole digital world so much better than the old geezers. Thank goodness! But hey, we got a call from an event planner back east that said we didn’t have a gig to play in February 2023 because she never booked us. Well, news to us that we have a gig on said date somewhere back east, but we got back in touch with her. She was quite kind when she recognized the mix-up. For some reason, she was not familiar with our December 30th gig at the Ore House in Oracle Az. She had never heard of it . . .

So, anyway, while perusing the old internet, we stumbled on this cartoon clip, reported to be the first known usage of the phrase “Hold my beer”. Well, it works for us, but maybe we need to look into a trademark for that phrase? Or, maybe it’s already been trademarked! Stay tuned folks. You ain’t heard the last of this one!

Whoops! Maybe we shouldn’t ask you to hold our beers! We’re still lookin’ for some photos or videos of us playing our last gig of 2022 on Friday, December 30th @ the Ore House Hilltop Tavern in Oracle Az. We may have to check our FacePlant thing-a-ma-bobby and see if anyone has tagged #holdmybeerband. It could happen, right? Anyhoo, we have a feeling we may be asked back to perform at the Ore House, so maybe you should come back and check our gig calendar often!